Liesl Pawliw

Psychometry. As soon as I learned of the word and it's meaning, it resonated with me. It is a word with implication that perhaps those special pieces of jewelry that we frequently adorn, do actually hold something of us within. At a young age I crossed paths with a psychometrist. My encounter with her rocked me and further embedded within me that feeling that certain pieces of jewelry that we cherish and frequently wear, really do become a talisman.

I've always been captivated by jewelry. My earliest memories are those of playing with the rings that were a part of my mother's and grandmother's hands. Those rings seemed to somehow hold a bit of their wearer's magic. My love of jewelry and creating led me to study in the Bay Area. After years of living there, I recently relocated to Sun Valley, Idaho where I live in the mountains with my artist husband and two daughters. I personally hand-make each piece in my studio there.

I am grateful every day that I get to play with these beautiful metals and stones. I am driven by design and a perpetual need to create. I love the process of bringing new life to scraps of precious metal and stones. Seeing an idea brought to completion is endlessly gratifying. Creating a piece that may be that special treasure for someone is my hope.